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Shoulder Training: 4 New Shoulder Shapers

What’s more fun than learning new, effective exercises? Here are four uncommon shoulder movements that will add shape and size to your delts! It doesn’t matter if you’re in the gym

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Men’s Physique: Contest-Prep Advice From 3 Competitors

Author: brandan-fokken Posted: November 15th 2013 Although it’s a new division, the Men’s Physique category has taken the NPC and IFBB by storm. Learn more about what makes this class so

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The 5 Best Training Tips You’ve Never Heard

Author: Bill Geiger Posted: October 24, 2018 Sponsored By: Grenade This may sound like a bold assertion, but the five training tips you’re about to read may cause you to shelve a lot of

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Vincent Russo Fitness 360: Coach Against The Couch – Training

(Posted June 27th 2012) Vincent Russo practices what he coaches. Follow his training program to your own game-winning physique! If you want to motivate your players, clients, friends or competitors, you

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3 Delicious Protein-Rich Treats!

Next time you get the hankering for something sweet, sink your teeth into these macro-friendly protein treats! Your sweet tooth doesn’t have to sabotage your progress. Instead of eating clean all

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6 Protein-Rich Morning Meals

Kiss that boring breakfast goodbye! These protein-filled morning meals are sure to make the most important meal of the day even more special. Food is fuel, and breakfast is the most important meal of

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Know What’s In Your Kitchen

(Posted on Sep 30, 2013) Let’s face it, you are what you eat and you eat what’s in your kitchen. Knowing that it’s time to pack your kitchen with healthy alternatives so when you have the urge to

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What Is Yohimbine HCl?

(Posted on Mar 07, 2013) A lot of people look for the easy way out or the way to achieve the quickest results. When it comes to losing body fat, people revert to fat burners. A lot of hype revolves around

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Nine Best Exercises For Football Players

(Posted on Sep 04, 2012) Here I’ve compiled my favorite exercises for Football specific athletes to gain maximum strength,speed agility, endurance and explosiveness. I added a brief explanation after

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Peak Overcompensation Point – In Order To Grow, You Need To Recover

(Posted on Aug 20, 2012) – Main image used from Peak Overcompensation Point Peak Overcompensation Point or POP is all focused on the rest the body is allowed. I’m not just talking

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