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(Posted on Aug 06, 2012) Since diet is so vital to our progress we have to make sure we iron out all of our wrinkles. Most of our wrinkles are often caused by habitual behavior. Yup, that’s right, bad

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Sacrifices, Decisions and Worth- Don’t Stop Reaching For Your Goals

No matter what the world around you says to you, it’s the words inside your head that matters the most. So as you sit there staring spaciously at the wall, as your eyes don’t move as you shovel bland

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Muscle Fibers- Fast vs. Slow Twitch

(Posted on Jun 25, 2012) When engaging in resistance and strength training you need to focus on your type II muscle fibers. These muscles fibers, known as fast-twitch fibers, are the ones that can enlarge

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Carbohydrate – General Information

(Posted on Jun 18, 2012) All carbohydrates form glucose, which is the fundamental fuel for all of the body’s functions. Glucose is transported by means of blood and taken into cells to be converted

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Fats – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

(Posted on Jun 11, 2012) When you hear the word fat do you associate it with bad health? If you do, then you decided to make a left turn at the fork in the road when you should have veered right. Let’s

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Which Workout Supplements Should I Take?

The “World of Supplements” is saturated with products that promise and promote false claims. Some companies (not all) try to hook you with a “Quick-Fix” product that has barely any research behind

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How to Burn Fat: 5 Reasons Why Your Fat Loss Has Flatlined

You’ve been watching what you’re eating, eating healthy, going to the gym 5 days per week consistently and participate in endless amounts of cardio. You check you scale, your tape measurements and

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Questions about Creatine?

(Posted on Apr 18, 2012) Here is some science behind creatine to give you an understanding out how it works in your body. Creatine is manufactured in your body from the amino acids arginine and glycine.

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Meal Frequency – What’s Enough

(Posted on Apr 02, 2012) Meal Frequency is based on metabolism. Metabolism is a complex idea to understand with all the science behind it. From the aspects of cellular respiration, ATP production, electron

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Cardio and the Off-Season: The Arch-Nemesis

Cardio is an aerobic exercise that reduces body fat as well as muscle mass. When one loses muscle mass their natural Basal Metabolic rate slows down which mean less calories are burned per day.  Your

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