I’m a 47 year male and Team Vinny Russo client since April 2014. Prior to joining Team VR I was always into fitness and a healthy lifestyle following various nutrition plans with similar goals each year. The goals were to gain some muscle mass in the cold climate months then lean out for the warm climate months, however my body always reached a certain plateau each year. Having this conversation with a gym friend of mine, she recommended I speak to Vinny Russo and see if his nutritional plan would be a good fit for me. I was skeptical at first as a majority of our communications were via email and photos though after several months of following a specific plan tailored to me (not a cookie cutter plan) I started to see results that were different than what I’ve achieved in the past. Going into the first summer, together Vinny and I were able to get my body into a condition that I recall having in my 20’s. With several communications and plan adjustments Vinny has gotten me leaner each summer for the past number of years which makes me look forward to the coming summer to see how much leaner and tighter I could be.

In addition to the results we achieved thus far what makes me continue to be a client is, first and foremost, Vinny practices what he preaches, his physique speaks for itself. He is in regular communications with his clients by always being available to respond to questions, educate or to simply give positive thoughts. He is always open an honest and willing to help. He takes the time to send out weekly tips and research articles. He sends a personal YouTube video each week to each client with their plan updates. Being together for the amount of time we’ve been, I consider Vinny to be a personal friend.


I started with Vinny Russo to see what counting macros could do for my physique. Unfortunately, at start of my program I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and no longer able to train and eat as originally planned. Coach VR quickly redesigned my nutritional program into one that would support my specific condition and needs. Vinny has been great to work with, knowledgeable and transparent with his programs. Truly valuable!


Here are a few more Testimonials from my Clients when asked the following 4 questions:


As your coach I need some feedback. Please take your time to answer the following questions and please put some thought into it, as the more honest and open you are, the better I can become as a nutritional coach!


1. What can I do to be a better nutrition coach?

2. What can I do to make this process better for you?

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how do you rank me as a nutritional coach?

4. If my rank is not a 10 (please don’t change your ranking after reading this question because you don’t want to answer it, what can I do personally and as a coach, for you and my other clients, to achieve a ranking of 10?


Mairead B.

  1. Nothing really, except maybe less food (just kidding).

  2. So far so good. You are accessible, you return emails in a timely manner, you are knowledgeable and all the advice you have given me thus far has worked.

  3. 10.

Julian F.

  1. I can’t think of anything that can make you a better coach, I’m very pleased with the way you handle things.

  2. The process is pretty self explanatory so I wouldn’t suggest changing a thing.

  3. I give you a “10” my friend.

Ernie P.

  1. You are actually my first nutrition coach I have ever used so it is hard for me to say whether you are a good coach or not, but if I were to say anything, I would most definitely say you were a good coach. As far as improvements go, that is mostly on my part since I lack constant contact with you but that will change. One suggestion I would have is ask about your client’s training methods and rather than selling a workout plan, just do a small critique and make a few adjustments and suggestions here and there.

  2. So far the process has been very enjoyable (as enjoyable as eating clean can be =P). So far i have been seeing slow but steady results so keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working! Maybe just consider the suggestion I had for you in answer 1.

  3. On a scale of 1-10, I would give you a 10. You explain everything in the diet plan very well and make everything easy to understand which is perfect for me.


Jenn R.

I think you’re a pretty damn good coach! If not I wouldn’t be with you this long lol. If you need me to elaborate on anything just let me know.

  1. I don’t think this has anything to do with you, i think it’s me (sounds like the bad break up line lol). I wish I understood the process of adding and subtracting foods, so that one day I can be a free little bird and feel comfortable knowing that I understand nutrition on my own. I don’t want to be a 90 year old still paying someone to tell me what I should be to eating. But right now I just feel like a monkey doing what I’m told to do.

  2. I’m not sure how to fix the above. I’d like some tough love when needed. I’m not talking 50 shades here but if I’m slacking or even if you think i am let me know, call me out on it. That fuels my fire to get my butt moving.

  3. 10! I’d recommend you to family and friends. You definitely know what you’re doing and I am thankful for that. You’re on point with answering any questions. You’re encouraging. You listen to requests for meal changes or meal additions (like fruit), and you give cheat meals!! (p.s haven’t had in a minute ::hint hint:: jk lol. I love my plan right now!)

Kevin K.

  1. Keep doing what you’re doing and caring for your clients. You are spot on with all your work and deliver great results.

  2. What can I do to make this process better for you? Maybe find a way of sharing weight trackers without saving a bunch of Excel sheets and hook me up with an emergency flexible diet in case.

  3. Hate to be that guy but seriously, a 10. You are spot on with all diet changes and can anticipate my body’s reaction to diet changes. You’re caring, motivating and very inspirational. You’re experience in the field shows greatly.

Although you’re a 10, I’d love to train with you still and make sure that even though we’re hitting the diet right, everything in the gym is 100%! With that being said, you’ve done wonders for me and have given me a physique that has helped me feel truly comfortable in and has helped my life out greatly.

Jose C.

  1. You’re great in all, but I just would say that regardless that you always answer ours emails quickly, it will be nice to have at least one monthly call from you to see how we doing, sometimes emails cannot cover all your expressions specially when we have hard time to put your thoughts or concerns in writing, and sometimes it might be nothing to talk, but just because you’re calling that will make feel people more close or/and special with your coach.

  2. The nutrition process is very good for me, no complaints! But the way in which we pay you as a coach is not to safe, since we’re exposed to money loses, because of the method we used. It will be great to have a better way so less worries for us. With this I am not trying to change the way you work, I just trying to answer your questions in my best honest way.

  3. I would say a 10, because you’re always available and answered all my questions when needed, your table meal plans are very clear and detailed, so I would say you’re a great coach.

  4. So far, I am meeting my expectation because of your guidelines and indications; therefore my rank for you is a #10.

Nikki D.

  1. Nothing, you are literally a fricken genius. I feel like a walking billboard, I tell everyone to use you, lol.

  2. At first I just didn’t like the waiting so long for a cheat but maybe just sending progress pics not so far apart so I stay on track better.

  3. A 20, seriously I couldn’t thank you enough for everything you are so understanding and care about the health of your clients. You take the time to explain things and answer emails all the time++reach out to me if I don’t answer right away. I just need to get it together and email you more often!

Lindsay L.

  1. & 2. I am going to answer questions 1 and 2 together… I think you are a really wonderful nutrition coach, your plans are easy to follow .. They don’t leave any guessing, and I trust in what you are doing. The only thing I can think of  that would make the process not necessarily “better” for me but I know you have your reasons for manipulating carb/fat/protein intake. When I competed last year you added coconut oil in to my diet at one point but it is not a regular choice and I guess sometimes I am just curious to know the science behind the changes. However, I trust in what your doing so

      I don’t feel the need to question. But mostly cause I’m curious and interested in learning.

 3. You the man.. You’re a 9.9

 4. I wouldn’t continue to work with you and recommend  you to others if I didn’t feel you were great.

You’re  positive and very encouraging. Every time I had an issue or sent progress pictures you would always point out something positive. I can’t even tell you how much it has helped me.  Last year when I was preparing for the show I was motivated and it was for myself, but I also didn’t wanna let you down as someone who had dedicated so much time into my results. I think most of us are our own worst critic and there were times I felt down and you definitely had some positive and encouraging words to pick me up. I think how much you care about your clients really goes a long way, especially with clients who might not be starting out “fit” or those who may come to you overweight.

Nick N.

  1. Idk if there is much you can do to be a better nutrition coach, I’ve worked with 4 others since I was 17 including the NY Jets nutritionist, and not one of them had a program that was as easy to follow as yours. Only thing that might help my motivation might be explaining why you’re making the changes.

  2. Nothing you’re definitely doing your part its my responsibility to stay on track and do what you say.

  3. 10 best coach so far even more amazing that your the only one I’ve never actually met.

  4. Keep on keeping on.