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Podcast with Chris Tutela – #13: Get Ripped, Strong and Healthy with Vinny Russo

  Listen HERE I join Chris Tutela on his Podcast called The Iron Life Podcast and we drop some insane #KnowledgeBombs

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The 6 Principles Of Getting Lean

Ready to declare war on fat and get ripped? These 6 basic principles will help you get lean the smart way! Want to wage war on fat and show off your shredded six-pack this summer? Don’t

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8 Secrets Of Successful Contest Prep!

Think you’re ready to prep for a bodybuilding contest? Don’t do anything until you read these 8 tips from men’s physique competitor and Grenade athlete Vincent Russo! As a physique

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6 Sweet Nighttime Protein Treats

Make sure your last meal of the day is a tasty, muscle-building one with these sweet recipes. When it comes to sustaining your gains overnight, slow-releasing protein is key. But eating a tub of cottage

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3 Delicious Protein-Rich Treats!

Next time you get the hankering for something sweet, sink your teeth into these macro-friendly protein treats! Your sweet tooth doesn’t have to sabotage your progress. Instead of eating clean all

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6 Protein-Rich Morning Meals

Kiss that boring breakfast goodbye! These protein-filled morning meals are sure to make the most important meal of the day even more special. Food is fuel, and breakfast is the most important meal of

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Know What’s In Your Kitchen

(Posted on Sep 30, 2013) Let’s face it, you are what you eat and you eat what’s in your kitchen. Knowing that it’s time to pack your kitchen with healthy alternatives so when you have the urge to

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Carbohydrate – General Information

(Posted on Jun 18, 2012) All carbohydrates form glucose, which is the fundamental fuel for all of the body’s functions. Glucose is transported by means of blood and taken into cells to be converted

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Fats – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

(Posted on Jun 11, 2012) When you hear the word fat do you associate it with bad health? If you do, then you decided to make a left turn at the fork in the road when you should have veered right. Let’s

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Which Workout Supplements Should I Take?

The “World of Supplements” is saturated with products that promise and promote false claims. Some companies (not all) try to hook you with a “Quick-Fix” product that has barely any research behind

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