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Can You Run and Maintain Muscle Mass?

Cardio enthusiast or weight-lifting warrior? Surely, you can’t be both? Or can you? That all too familiar divide between treadmills and dumbbells seems to have softened in recent years and many of

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The 6 Principles Of Getting Lean

Ready to declare war on fat and get ripped? These 6 basic principles will help you get lean the smart way! Want to wage war on fat and show off your shredded six-pack this summer? Don’t

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8 Secrets Of Successful Contest Prep!

Think you’re ready to prep for a bodybuilding contest? Don’t do anything until you read these 8 tips from men’s physique competitor and Grenade athlete Vincent Russo! As a physique

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Shoulder Training: 4 New Shoulder Shapers

What’s more fun than learning new, effective exercises? Here are four uncommon shoulder movements that will add shape and size to your delts! It doesn’t matter if you’re in the gym

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The 5 Best Training Tips You’ve Never Heard

Author: Bill Geiger Posted: October 24, 2018 Sponsored By: Grenade This may sound like a bold assertion, but the five training tips you’re about to read may cause you to shelve a lot of

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Vincent Russo Fitness 360: Coach Against The Couch – Training

(Posted June 27th 2012) Vincent Russo practices what he coaches. Follow his training program to your own game-winning physique! If you want to motivate your players, clients, friends or competitors, you

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What Is Yohimbine HCl?

(Posted on Mar 07, 2013) A lot of people look for the easy way out or the way to achieve the quickest results. When it comes to losing body fat, people revert to fat burners. A lot of hype revolves around

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Nine Best Exercises For Football Players

(Posted on Sep 04, 2012) Here I’ve compiled my favorite exercises for Football specific athletes to gain maximum strength,speed agility, endurance and explosiveness. I added a brief explanation after

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Peak Overcompensation Point – In Order To Grow, You Need To Recover

(Posted on Aug 20, 2012) – Main image used from Peak Overcompensation Point Peak Overcompensation Point or POP is all focused on the rest the body is allowed. I’m not just talking

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Muscle Fibers- Fast vs. Slow Twitch

(Posted on Jun 25, 2012) When engaging in resistance and strength training you need to focus on your type II muscle fibers. These muscles fibers, known as fast-twitch fibers, are the ones that can enlarge

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