Get Your Customized Nutirition Plan and Work on Your Fitness Goals With Vinny Russo

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* All programs offered are for Males and Females

Coach Vinny Russo

  • WBFF Professional - Male Fitness Model Category
  • Owner and Head Nutrition Coach of Team VR
  • Owner of Tailored Menu (meal prep company)
  • Personal trainer
  • Posing Coach

My Goals For You

  • Bodybuilding/Physique Competition Prep
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Wedding / Event Preparation

I started with Vinny Russo to see what counting macros could do for my physique. Unfortunately, at start of my program I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and no longer able to train and eat as originally planned. Coach VR quickly redesigned my nutritional program into one that would support my specific condition and needs. Vinny has been great to work with, knowledgeable and transparent with his programs. Truly valuable!


I provide personalized nutritional plans that are custom to that of the individual and their desired goals.

My main priority is your overall health and well-being! My service is intended to keep you healthy, help you reach your fitness/health goals, and teach you how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

I firmly believe that education is the key to better health, so I will give you an education throughout our journey together to make sure you understand the how’s and the whys. This education is structured and focused, so that together we are able to master your health.

My nutritional philosophy is geared towards your goals in a sane and healthy way.

The methods that are implemented are scientifically sound and evidence-based that will help give you the resources needed to achieve your optimal physical, mental, and emotional performance.

Through your experience with me, I will empower you to become your own body’s expert by developing an understanding of the complexity of health and nutrition.

Accountability Fulfillment

  • WEEKLY check Ins with WEEKLY individualized feedback videos - on the fly updates if needed
  • An interactive biometric weight & waist circumference tracker
  • Adherence Spreadsheet
  • Access to the Team VR FB Community
  • Access to E-mail
  • Access to my Voxer (same day responses)
  • Scheduled zoom sessions (only if necessary)

Nutrition Fulfillment

  • Choose either the STRUCTURED PLAN or the CHOICE PLAN (whichever fits the client's preference)
  • Shopping list
  • In-depth and detailed Recommended supplementation protocol

Education Fulfillment

  • Blood work lab analysis
  • Access to the Members Only Lab
  • Facebook Live Q&A

Fitness Fulfillment

  • Workout: per request
  • Movement/Cardio protocol
  • Step Count Protocol

Accountability Fulfillment

  • Biweekly check-ins (2x per month) with biweekly feedback videos
  • An interactive biometric weight & waist circumference tracker
  • Adherence Spreadsheet
  • Access to the Team VR FB Community
  • Access to my E-mail for communication

Nutrition Fulfillment

  • CHOICE PLAN only
  • Shopping list
  • Recommended supplementation

Education Fulfillment

  • Facebook group (Topics in FB group)
  • Facebook Live Q&A

Fitness Fulfillment

  • Cardio protocol
  • Step Count Protocol

Personal Training

Paid Per session lasting 45-60 minutes

Posing Practice

Paid Per session lasting 30-45 minutes

ZOOM Video Consults

Paid per session: choice between 30 or 60 minutes

This can be used for:

  • Figuring out how to venture off by yourself with your own nutrition plan
  • Learning how to set up your nutrition
  • Learning how to set up your training
  • Learning how to start coaching - this will be made into a 6-8 week coaching mentor-ship
  • Your fitness business plans
  • How to set up diets
  • Q&A about anything nutrition