​Learn How to Build Leaner Muscle, B​urn More Fat, and Increase Your Energy!

​About my Book: Eating as 1,2,3

If you’re looking to build leaner muscle, burn more fat, have more energy, and experience better overall health, then this book will blow you away! You will learn how to enjoy the healing presence of living a healthy lifestyle. This E-Book will help you flex your wings so you can soar higher than you ever did before. You are going to feel like you can fly if you implement this information into action!

Look, I’m all for practical athletic knowledge and tips, but there is so much of that out there that is confusing.You can use a search engine for your questions, and find multiple answers that contradict each other leaving you in a purgatory of thought. Which way to go? What to believe and not to believe? In this E-Book, there is going to be some good low-on-the-shelf information for those of you to skim through and get the idea, but for those of you who like the science behind the truth, there’s in-depth information as well as some additional SCI-F.Y.I sections to keep your knowledge base expanding!

This ​eBook Will Teach You

​How to B​uild Muscle

You will discover how to utilize the power of protein and the energy from carbohydrates will help stimulate more muscle protein synthesis 

​How to Burn Fat

You will learn which foods have the potential to aid the body in fat-loss

​How to Increase Energy

This book reveals which foods to fuel the body with for optimal performance


​Get B​etter Overall Health

You will develop an understanding of how and why nutrient dense foods prime the body for success.