Vinny Russo

Vinny Russo interviewed by Dr. Dave about macronutirents and caloric intake.

n this podcast Vinny gives his methods on how he figure outs the overall caloric intake for his clients, how he breaks down the macronutrient percentages that make up their overall caloric intake, and how he is able to tailor each meal plan based off of the individual.

About the Author Vinny Russo

I have a Bachelors in Science, I am PN.1 certified, NFPT certified, and in the process of obtaining my CN.L (Clinical Nutritional License) and my MSCN (Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition). My mission is help you reach your health-related goals while educating throughout our journey together. The goal is to have you become a master of your own health by teaching you how nutrition works and what works best for your individual body.

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