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Hormones – Glucagon


Glucagon is a hormone that’s widely overlooked. It helps regulate glucose levels in the blood as it is released when blood glucose is low. Its main objective to is oppose Insulin.
If your body needs more energy, glucagon is released by the pancreas. Glucagon is used to convert the glycogen stored back into glucose. This will then be released into your bloodstream for your cells to use.
It is important to understand that the slower the release of glucose and hormones, the more stable and sustainable the energy levels of the body.  Glucagon has the ability to tap into muscle and liver glycogen storages to add glucose to blood stream.
Glucagon can help with fat loss by promoting the release of Hormone Sensitive Lipase. HSL will break down fat cells to release fatty acids to be used as energy. Glucagon will also lower insulin levels and the fat storing ability of the body!

Some ways to INCREASE levels of glucagon on a daily basis:

  1. Workout – During exercise glucagon is usually elevated.

  2. Eat your Protein – when you consume protein, glucagon is released.

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