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Podcast with Chris Tutela – #13: Get Ripped, Strong and Healthy with Vinny Russo

  Listen HERE I join Chris Tutela on his Podcast called The Iron Life Podcast and we drop some insane #KnowledgeBombs

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Episode 15 – Nutrition Coach Vinny Russo

Watch me live in the studio with good friend Greg Rice and Long time friend, football coach. For more videos like this check out the “You’ve Been Mic’d” YouTube Chann...

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Vinny Russo interviewed by Dr. Dave about macronutirents and caloric intake.

n this podcast Vinny gives his methods on how he figure outs the overall caloric intake for his clients, how he breaks down the macronutrient percentages that make up their overall caloric intake,

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ABMFM Interview with Vinny Russo

All Business Media FM’s Rick Delgado interviews Nutrition Coach, Vinny Russo.

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Vinny Russo on the Professionals Roundtable

Nutritional Coach Vinny Russo interviewed on the All Business Media FM’s ‘Professionals Roundtable’.

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Vinny Russo Talks OCD and Binge Eating

In this podcast Vinny Russo talks with wife, Ronica Russo about OCD’s, binges and relationship with food.

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Vinny Russo – Dr. Dave Interview with Vinny Russo Pt 2

Topics discussed: 1.) Measuring PROGRESS. 2.) Stop Trying to be Perfect.

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Vinny Russo – Dr. Dave Interview with Vinny Russo pt. 1

Dr. Dave White Interviews Vinny Russo on this podcast about FAD-Diets, Cardio, and Great Coaching. A must listen for everyone!

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