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How to Burn Fat: 5 Reasons Why Your Fat Loss Has Flatlined

You’ve been watching what you’re eating, eating healthy, going to the gym 5 days per week consistently and participate in endless amounts of cardio. You check you scale, your tape measurements and

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Meal Frequency – What’s Enough

(Posted on Apr 02, 2012) Meal Frequency is based on metabolism. Metabolism is a complex idea to understand with all the science behind it. From the aspects of cellular respiration, ATP production, electron

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Reverse Dieting: The Secret to Long Term Fat Loss

Recently, the term “reverse dieting” is starting to catch wind with most people who oversee their nutrition. Reverse dieting is an approach to upgrade the body’s metabolism which will enable it to

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3 Essential High Protein Foods To Store In Your Kitchen

If you’re in a rush and have no fresh, high-protein produce in the house, long-life foods can be a godsend as they enable you to rustle up a quick meal while still staying on top of your macros. The

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3 Healthy Fats For Weight Loss

As a population, we tend to demonize foods that the authorities tell us are bad for us. One minute it’s carbs, fats the next. Fats became public enemy number one to dieters everywhere after Ansel Key’s

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The Benefits of L-Glutamine

As possibly one of the most overlooked supps, the benefits of L-glutamine may be a mystery to you. But, trust us, this underrated amino acid offers many. Known to relieve excess bloating, L-glutamine could

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Why Do We Need Protein In Our Diet?

Protein is more than a trendy ‘buzzword’ that seems to be appearing on an ever-growing amount of food products – this mighty macronutrient offers many health benefits. Lets take a look

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Cardio VS Resistance Training: Which Wins The Fat-Loss Battle?

In terms of losing body fat, which form of exercise (cardio or resistance training) holds the upper hand? They both have their benefits, as with both cardio and resistance training combined, you will increase

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3 Reasons Why Carbs Are Not The Enemy

Look, carbohydrates are not your enemy! Of course, over-dosing on carbs can cause problems, but to cut out the body’s preferred source of energy is senseless. Carbohydrates provide energy and we all

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Carb swaps: Which Foods Can I Substitute for Carbohydrates?

From low-carb dieters to those who welcome wonders such as bread and potatoes with open arms, we all have our own relationship with carbohydrates. Chances are you’ve tried cutting them out all together

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