8 Week Transformation Challenge - Weeks 5 & 6

Over The Next 2 Weeks We Dive Deeper Into The Caloric Restriction.

This Is Where The Magic Really Starts to Show!

Week 5 and 6 Download

This download consists of the program you will need to complete weeks 5 & 6 of the 8 Week Transformation Challenge.

This is where the hunger really kicks in! You will need to stay strong and "Appreciate the Hunger."

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Cardio and Movement

Step count: at least 10,000 steps per day

Power Walks : Try to get 1 Power Walk per day for 20 minutes Keeping HR around 100-110 BPM (this will help you get your step count)

Cardio: 4 x per week I want you to try to complete 30 mins keeping HR around 130-150 BPM