8 Week Transformation Challenge - WELCOME

congratulations on making the decision to commit to a healthier you. Please watch the video and review the resources provided below.


Welcome to the 8 Week Transformation Challenge! This program is geared to help you lose body fat. We are not concerned with the loss scale weight,  instead we are concerned with your overall energy, the way your clothes are starting to fit, the amount of muscle tissue you can build and maintain, and how you feel about yourself. We do this by focusing strictly on the loss of body fat, while trying to maintain as much muscle mass as possible. Please watch the video tutorial below, and following that, there are a few resources that come with the program to help you measure your success, and keep you on track!

***Video Tutorial***

This Link will bring you to the Video Tutorial showing you how to use the Program

Grocery List

Use this document to guide you on which foods to buy for this program. You do not have to buy all the foods listed, only the foods that you will eat. 

Adherence Spread Sheet

This download will help keep you accountable by tracking your daily habits.

Progression Tracker

This download will help you monitor your progress to make sure you're never staying stagnant. 

Body Fat Estimator

This download will help you estimate the amount of body fat you are currently holding.